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GregBlanchardthumbSlopeFillers On SAM features past and present blog posts each week of marketing guru, Gregg Blanchard.  Having worn many different marketing hats before entering skiing, Gregg provides a fresh perspective on the industry, sharing his ideas, insights and analysis for winter resort marketers. Whether it's an in-depth post on Google analytics or a rant on social media let-downs, Gregg's reviews and commentaries are thought-provoking, at the very least.   

Real-Time Website Analytics: What You Can Learn in the 10 Minutes After Hitting "€œSend"

One of the biggest time-sucks as marketers is analytics.

Dashboards, charts, and reports for miles, it’s easy to get overloaded by numbers. Once that happens, the purpose of those figures can quickly be lost and we’re hardly better off than if they didn’t exist.

Even still, there’s one time I find myself watching, and learning from, my real-time site analytics more than ever: the 15 minutes after I sent an email.

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Beyond the Snow Phone: Are There Opportunities in Audio for Creative Resort Marketers in 2015/16?

Gregg Blanchard - July 10, 2014

I’ve always liked audio.

Soon after podcasting became a thing, I started my own and rode the wave to a thousand or so folks listening to my weekly spouting about business and marketing before I had a sliver of experience in either.
In my mind, despite the strength of YouTube and the ubiquity of blogging, the spoken word has a few things going for it.

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Dear Resort Marketers, When Your Designer Says "€œThe Fold is Dead" This is What They Mean.

Gregg Blanchard—June 29, 2015

Right now there are dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of you who are somewhere between “let’s redesign our site” and “wow, that’s a great-looking redesign!”

And, so being, you’ll be working with designers.

And, so being, you’ll likely see their blood boil and/or steam exit their ears when you mention the “fold” in your meetings.

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A Less-Than-Big-Name Resort Made Some of the Most Impressive Videos of the Season

Gregg Blanchard - May 13, 2015

I’ve often waxed poetic on what it means for marketing to be not just popular or nice looking or clever or witty but great.

One of the biggest pieces that often comes up is the effectiveness in changing behavior. In spreading a message. In teaching people about something in a way that gets them to act.

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