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GregBlanchardthumbSlopeFillers On SAM features past and present blog posts each week of marketing guru, Gregg Blanchard.  Having worn many different marketing hats before entering skiing, Gregg provides a fresh perspective on the industry, sharing his ideas, insights and analysis for winter resort marketers. Whether it's an in-depth post on Google analytics or a rant on social media let-downs, Gregg's reviews and commentaries are thought-provoking, at the very least.   

How Long Does it Take to Find a Ski Resort's Hours of Operation on their Website?

Gregg Blanchard -- December 5, 2014

This questions is one I’ve wanted to answer for a while. It started with a single tweet that came across my radar wondering why it was so hard to find a resort’s lift hours on their website.

Once I saw the complaint, it suddenly started popping up everywhere. Not, daily or even weekly, mind you, but regular enough that I started to wonder how hard it could really be.

With such a common question (and one I’ve often had while traveling), I looked for an answer.

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