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GregBlanchardthumbSlopeFillers On SAM features past and present blog posts each week of marketing guru, Gregg Blanchard.  Having worn many different marketing hats before entering skiing, Gregg provides a fresh perspective on the industry, sharing his ideas, insights and analysis for winter resort marketers. Whether it's an in-depth post on Google analytics or a rant on social media let-downs, Gregg's reviews and commentaries are thought-provoking, at the very least.   

Breaking Down the Power (and Peril) of the “Lowest Guaranteed Price” Phenomenon

September 10, 2014 - Gregg Blanchard

Let’s take a closer look at something we’re seeing more…and more…and more.

At first it was just one resort, but this year I’ve already spotted a handful who have used that now familiar phrase – “lowest guaranteed price” – in their marketing messages.

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Cheesy? Maybe. Lame? Perhaps. Weird? Possibly. But effective as a marketing tool? Absolutely.

August 13, 2014 - Gregg Blanchard

In our family’s pile of games in the living room, one of the more frequently used items is a deck of cards.
Now, playing cards are an interesting thing. No? They’re designed to relate in multiple ways to all the other cards, but unique enough that there is only one of each card in the deck. But, face value aside, there’s not much there to make any one card more memorable than another.

Except for one.

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Yield Management & Skiing: Lift Tickets Meet a Pricing Model That Goes Beyond Distribution

July 30, 2014 - Gregg Blanchard

On Monday we talked about yield management. And, more specifically, how this practices hinges on matching price to commitment.

As you can already guess, the best illustration of this in the ski industry is Liftopia. So being, let’s look at the model before (without) and after (with) their influence.

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