Three Birds with One Tweet: Timber Ridge is the First I’ve Seen Do This

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November 27, 2013 -- Gregg Blanchard

Time to highlight some simple marketing again.

This time, it comes from Timber Ridge Lodge in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I don’t think I’ve ever featured any of their efforts before, but in the spirit of simplicity, I’ll tone down my yakking and jump right in:

Noticing that each tweet was formatted identically, I checked the details and, sure enough, it was autoposted by an app called Revinate.

Now, this could easily lead into a lengthy, but valuable, discussion about whether or not to autotweet/autopost, but let’s set aside that issue for today and just look at the content by itself so we don’t get sidetracked.

So, with a few characters, Timber Lodge is both:
  • Spreading the value of positive guest feedback through other channels
  • Encouraging more by showing that if you leave a good review they’ll put your name up in lights
  • Adding a bit of variety to the typical Twitter feed
A simple idea with simple execution and simple results. I like it.

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