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July 1999

Katie Brinton

Katie Brinton

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Are our skier/snowboarder visit numbers inflated? A survey and some basic math say, "Yes."
The long-dormant New Hampshire area, Crotched Mountain, gets a second chance at tapping the southern New England crowd under new ownership.
A survey of skiers and snowboarders find out which marketing methods are getting the most attention-and which ones aren't.
With the merger of southern California's Bear and Snow Summit resorts, managment decided to turn one of the areas into an all-mountain park.
Is your area a natural for a water park? It's all about location and innovation when it comes to these summer money-makers.

Snowmakers across the country seem to have their own lingo for their product. Wouldn't it be nice if we all spoke the same language?

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Terrain park designers had their day in the sun when Snowboarder magazine invited the creme de la creme out to Colorado for a park-off.
A global survey of ski industry conditions shows that the U.S. is a world apart.
Despite the good U.S. showing at the 2002 Winter Olympics, some think the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team program still needs improvement.
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