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March 2020

Tools of the Trade

New products from the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show and beyond.

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mar20 np ski hill mulcher

Ski Hill Mulcher has introduced a new Component Hitch system on all new Ski Hill Mulcher brush mowers for greater compatibility with tracked snow-grooming machines. Now the Ski Hill Mulcher can be paired with four popular hitch types—PistenBully 400, PRINOTH Leitwolf, PRINOTH BR 350, and PRINOTH BR 275—making Mulcher components easily compatible with these makes and models. Changing the modular hitch plate on the Ski Hill Mulcher is simple: remove some nuts and bolts, select the hitch needed for the particular brand of snow groomer, reattach, and get on the hill. All component hitch plates feature OEM hardware, ensuring a better fit.


mar20 np buddy

Buddy Insurance offers guests on-demand accident insurance coverage of up to $50,000. Available through an API, it allows individuals purchasing a lift ticket online or at points of sale to buy coverage by simply checking a box. It takes less than 90 seconds for coverage to take effect. The coverage period can be as short as a day or as long as a year. Prices start at $10 for a one-day policy. There is no underwriting. Coverage can be bound and a policy delivered electronically upon purchase, similar to buying travel insurance when booking a flight. Partner resorts have the option to also protect themselves from nuisance suits or claims for small injuries, and generate revenue through marketing arrangements.


mar20 np carv

Carv, a digital/virtual ski instructor, is designed to help intermediate and advanced skiers get more from their skiing. The system monitors performance and delivers real-time, Olympic-level audio coaching tips directly to their ears. Here’s how it works: Two ultra-thin inserts equipped with sensors go inside the ski boot, under the liner, and the pressure and motion data gathered inform a detailed, real-time analysis of technique and how to improve. The Carv app then delivers tips and advice as you’re skiing. Carv’s interactive ski drills aim to help users improve balance, edging, rotation, and pressure, while the Ski:IQ tracks the user’s progress for the day and over the winter.


mar20 np smart patrol

SmartPatrol by Vision Spatial Technologies provides real-time monitoring of high-risk zones at ski areas, such as jump landing zones in terrain parks, blind merges, or tube park lanes. It also alerts persons uphill from the high-risk zone if there’s an unseen obstacle below, thus helping reduce collisions. The system uses proprietary computer vision algorithms to monitor the zone. It alerts uphill users by illuminating a bright LED light, displaying a red X if the downhill area isn’t clear, and a green circle if it is. The system also collects photo evidence in the instance of an incident, gathers usage statistics of monitored zones, and reduces accident reporting time. All the data are securely sent to a customized user portal for easy access. The hardware includes a high-definition camera, a state-of-the-art Nvidia chipset, weatherproof casing, and mobile connectivity.


mar20 np towpro

Towpro Lifts’ portable rope tow can enhance a ski resort experience and boost capacity. Freestyle and race teams can benefit from more laps per day and more efficient training schedules. It can add value to competitive events or training camps, such as big air and park contests, slalom races, mogul competitions, and more. The Towpro system is fully compliant with tramway safety board inspections and regulations in all 50 U.S. states. Towpro can also make modifications for international applications and perform on-site inspections with local officials to ensure the system meets local standards.


mar20 np heatwave

Seirus has incorporated magnetic technology from its MagneMask face protection series into its new HeatWave MagneMitt series. The MagneMitt Summit features a powerful but sleek MagneSeal opening along the backside of the insulated leather mitt for moments when the dexterity of the HeatWave glove liner is needed. An integrated SoundTouch pad allows the wearer to use a cellphone touchscreen. With magnet closure powerful enough to stay closed yet simple enough to release with one hand, the MagneMitt Summit is a versatile piece of hand protection for mountain resort employees.


mar20 np snowfoot

The Snowfoot Alpine Snowshoe is a new, innovative snowshoe with mountaineering-style crampons integrated into a patented 3D deck. It guarantees a secure grip and promotes ergonomic, athletic, and technical steps across all terrain types and inclinations. It has good flotation in deep snow, as more surface area is packed into a smaller dimension. Weighing just 3.3 lbs., the Snowfoot Alpine Snowshoe is easy and fun for beginners, yet capable, responsive, and technical enough for experienced snowshoers. The low profile allows for easy backpack storage, making it a convenient tool for resort employees to have on hand.


mar20 np ecowax

MountainFLOW eco-wax products are a plant-based, environmentally-friendly alternative to petroleum-based waxes. The waxes, for warm and cold snow, are available in non-toxic anti-stick spray (retail: $14, 4 oz.) and all-natural base waxes ($16, 2 oz.). Versions are available to keep skins from icing, too. Eco-wax products are easy to apply, and users can feel good knowing they’re applying a product that’s friendly to the mountain environment and beyond. This innovative Colorado company claimed three awards at the 2020 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, highlighted by the coveted “Gear of the Show” award from Outside magazine.


mar20 np darn tough

Updates to the Darn Tough RFL continue to make this silky, Merino wool snow sock one of the lightest on the market. Changes to the mesh on top of the foot have improved breathability, and the redesigned Flex Windows reduce bunching. The ultra-lightweight yarns continue to provide the next-to-skin feel for a secure boot fit and ultimate comfort.


mar20 np scenturion

Ski and snowboard rental gear needs more than just odor maintenance, it needs something that will sanitize. Scenturion spray is formulated to kill 99.9 percent of the microorganisms that cause odor. The spray creates a clear, flexible micro-coating fortified with Nano Silver. Scenturion is activated by perspiration: Every time a treated pair of boots or a helmet is used and sweat reaches the Nano Silver, it activates and produces silver ions that wipe out odor-causing microbes on the gear. A single treatment is said to last for weeks. The formula is also said to be hypoallergenic, non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable, and fragrance free.


mar20 np skirentalsys

Ski Rental Systems offers a comprehensive cloud-based online platform through which resorts can rent, track, market, and sell their ski and snowboard rental fleets. Through it, customers can reserve their rental equipment and complete forms in advance. By collecting and storing customer data during the rental process, resorts can re-market to past guests, and repeat renters can log in and book for the family without having to re-enter information. The Ski Rental Systems platform, developed with input from Tahoe-area operators, is mobile-friendly and built to optimize SEO. Its pricing and promotional flexibility allows for resorts to offer daily deals and more.