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May 2020
It will be an entirely different market once the nation, and resorts, open for summer and/or winter activities. This guide to the future outlines the most likely route to a successful reopening. Hint: think locally.
March 2020
Winter guests are buying into summer in the mountains.
January 2020
These popular European activities are beginning to make their mark as summer attractions at North American ski areas.
January 2020
International college students on J-1 cultural exchange visas are key to U.S. ski area operations. So how do they differ from H-2B guest workers and what’s the current political landscape?
November 2019
Summer Ops Camp, regional shows, Mountain Technology Symposium.
July 2019
As the summer season begins, resorts are building and opening a variety of four-season venues and activities.
May 2019
Berkshire East Mountain Resort, Mass., may become the first ski area in North America, and perhaps the world, to be powered 100 percent by carbon-free electricity generated on-site. It’s most of the way to this goal already, and working to complete it. First came a 277-foot tall, 900-kilowatt wind turbine commissioned in 2011. In 2012 came a 10-acre solar field, capable of generating a maximum of 500 kilowatts. The 2.3 million kilowatt-hours produced annually by the turbine and panels exceed Berkshire East consumption. The excess power does not generate income, but it does dramatically reduce peak demand charges. Wind Turbine at Berkshire East. Photo courtesy of William Landon Farrell The solar field is especially notable. To economize use of space, 90 AllEarth Solar Tracker poles hold a total of 1,800 panels—up to 24 panels each—that all follow the sun, producing 35-to 45-percent more electricity than fixed panels. The installation is a model of efficiency.Both ...
May 2019
Season's Pass Fallout, Summer Survey, People and Suppliers News
May 2019
This resort town on the edge of the Great Smokey Mountains can teach winter resorts a great deal about summer business.
May 2019
Summer business has been booming, but it's now bumping up against some of the same constraints as winter business.
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