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May 1997
Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in western Pennsylvania was already rated one of the top ten spas in the country, offering a wide range of spring, summer and fall activities. When they wanted to expand into winter activities, what was more logical than skiing?
September 1996
An undergraduate describes his summer internship at Sno-engineering, and suggests that internships benefit ski industry employers and interns equally.
May 1996
Tom Moriarty of Stratton, Vt., gets the groomer out of the garage in the summer by adding modifications which allow it to mow grass as well.
March 1996
Other options for winter fun are out there besides skiing and snowboarding: in Vermont, Bromley introduces the Devalkart, and Killington opens the winter High Country Touring Center.
November 1995
With only 100 acres of skiing, Bears Town, South Korea, did 400,000 skier visits last year. A high-density, high-tech resort, Bears Town has an eye-popping array of lifts and 46 Turbocristal snow guns (sidebar). The resort offers night skiing and sledding, as well as an array of apres-ski facilities for a total vacation experience, summer or winter.
September 1995
A summary of construction at ski areas across the U.S. from the summer of 1995.
July 1995
Some summer tips for snowboard park management and event coordination.
March 1994
Software (BSS), Engine power and hydraulic equipment (Prinoth), Portable Actuator (TurboCristal), Summer Seat Covers (Ski Area Supplies), Snow pedestals (HTM Hydrotech), Hands free video (Head-Trip), Electrical lab testing, Snow gun bracket system (Sno.economics), Automatic Snowmaking (, Ski ticket hanger (John Amann Sons Co.), Speed drives (CegelecAuto), Recreational management software (Preferred Technologies Group), Rubber sheave liners (Hunter Industrial Group), Fencing (Reliable Racing Supply), Polyurethane nozzle tip (SnowShot) and a Snow tower (SMI).
May 1993
Winter Park, Colorado, is extending its disabled program with a specialized summer facility built by Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC). Called the Outdoor Center, it was proposed by the National Sports Center for the Disabled. The project includes two boardwalk trails with campsites and other features.
March 1993
A realistic look at the future of skiing in the next millenium. An international arena is used for a discussion of the direction of our industry around the world. Topics covered include: lifts,access,summer business, lifestyle residences, snow grooming, snowmaking, trails and environmental regulations.
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