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SAM Magazine--Oceanside, Calif., Mar. 4, 2005--The second-ever Snow Industry Summit will focus on growth markets--ethnic Americans, women, kids, and "Generation Active"--Mar. 29-Apr. 1 at Copper Mountain. And it will address the key means of reaching these markets: one-to-one marketing, advertising, websites, and branding, with advice from sources as varied as the FBI and futurist Glen Hiemstra.

SAM will moderate a panel recapping the results of the Diversity Summit held at Steamboat Feb. 2-3. The session will explore how the industry can attract both employees and consumers from diverse cultures, which comprise 70 percent of all youth under age 18.

How do you know what customers want? Research. Leisure Trends Group will review a survey on how customers view snowsports brands; Reach Advisors will detail a study that tracked a panel of skiers this past season to see what they saw, thought and bought.

How do you reach customers? Communications. One session will explore all aspects of a proper website and describe how to maximize visibility, traffic and sales on the Internet. Another session describes Generation-Active, an audience largely predisposed to view winter sports as part of a year-round active lifestyle, and reviews recent industry success stories. A session on women will highlight core motivators for female snow sports participants and examine lessons learned by leading brands such as Burton, Nike and Watermark.

How do you identify the next big thing? Think different. Tapping into new and emerging trends and products in the marketplace can expand your business. So one panel looks at the potential in free heel skiing, snowshoeing, and new snow-sliding concepts.

The program concludes with the coveted Tranny Awards, with which TransWorld Snowboarding honors the country's top snowboarders. \