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SAM International, Great Britain (SnowHunter)--The Ski Club of Great Britain's Respect the Mountain Campaign, which was launched to help safeguard the natural environment and the long-term future of skiing, has been jointly awarded the Lucy Dicker Award which acknowledges innovation and outstanding contribution to the ski industry.

The Lucy Dicker Award was presented to the Ski Club on the first day of the Daily Mail Ski Show in Olympia, London. The award is presented annually by Les Arcs in the memory of Lucy Dicker, an intrepid skier who tragically lost her life in the French resort of La Grave.

The Respect the Mountain Campaign was launched at the start of last winter season following the introduction by the Ski Club of an environmental policy. The policy is aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues with regard to snowsports, and gives advice on how to help preserve the mountains with a seven-step guide.

Since its launch, the Respect the Mountain Campaign has grown and this season will see the introduction of an environmental database on which advises skiers and boarders on what resorts are doing to help protect the environment, ranking their performance on different criteria including recycling, green power, traffic reduction and building policy.

Caroline Stuart-Taylor, Chief Executive of the Ski Club said: „This award recognises the big steps we have made to try and raise awareness of environmental issues with regard to snowsports. The future will see us build this campaign, aiming to ensure that all skiers and boarders are switched on with regard to the environment and how they can act responsibly when taking their snowsports holiday.‰

For skiers and boarders who want to show their support of the campaign and their respect of the mountains, the Ski Club are selling Respect the Mountain green wristbands. Each band sells for £2. The profits from the wristbands go straight towards a carbon replacement tree planting scheme and research project which the campaign funds.