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SAM Magazine—Jamesville, N.Y., April 3, 2018—The lift-maintenance training program coordinated and subsidized by Ski Areas of New York (SANY) will offer anHN iskinylogo 4318 expanded curriculum starting this, its seventh year, when the program kicks off in May. The program will include a group of advanced fixed grip and detachable lift classes, as well as condensed basic fixed grip training.

The SANY Lift Maintenance Training Program follows a unique model in which six different New York ski areas take turns, each hosting a daylong training session that covers a different topic. The typical program is an all-day session led by the host ski area lift maintenance department and others. Morning coffee, snacks, and lunch are provided. There is no cost to attend, regardless of the number of personnel any ski area sends.

“Now in our seventh year, this program is a hands-on effort whereby everyone participates and learns from each other,” said Tom Sanford, chairman of the SANY Lift Maintenance Committee. “This is a can’t miss training opportunity for all lift maintenance personnel.”

Ultimately, all classes combined will cover all the material in the Peter Wood Ski Lift Functions, Maintenance and Regulations manual. The manual is the resource document for the program.

As part of the curriculum, ropeway events that have occurred throughout North America in 2018 will be addressed, as well as a review of the status of NYS Code Rule 32, ANSI-B77.1, 2011, and ANSI-B77.1, 2017.

Organizers are asking participating ski areas to bring samples of lift components that failed prematurely or in an unusual way so they can be discussed.

Additionally, organizers would like to know about specialized lift maintenance tools that have been purchased or manufactured that made life as a lift mechanic easier.

“The expansion of the curriculum is keeping up with advancements in lift technology, while keeping our focus on the core needs of lift maintenance,” said Scott Brandi, president of SANY. “We are committed to underwriting the cost of this program and we are grateful to all the resorts and instructors who have stepped up to host and teach these classes.”

Dates, locations, topics, and contacts:

Hunter Mountain – May 15, 2018
Introduction to detachable equipment, with Bob Abrahamsen and crew
Reservation contact person:
Bob Abrahamsen, Lift Manager
Phone: (518)-263-4223 ext. 2280
Email: babrahamsen@huntermtn.com

Oak Mountain – May 22, 2018
Basic fixed grip mechanical group 1, with Matt O’Brien and crew
Reservation contact person:
Matt O’Brien, General Manager
Phone: (802)-498-7229
Email: mjobrien83@gmail.com

Greek Peak – June 19, 2018
Advanced fixed grip mechanical and electrical, with Toby Bonham and crew
Reservation contact person:
Toby Bonham, Mountain Manager
800-955-2754 Ext 6202
Email: tbonham@greekpeakmtnresort.com

Gore Mountain – July 10, 2018
Advanced detachable mechanical, with Matt Allen and crew
Reservation contact person:
Matt Allen, Lift Manager
Phone: (518)-251-2411
Email: matt@goremountain.com

Windham Mountain Resort – July 17, 2018
Basic fixed grip mechanical group 2, with Nick Dana, Lift Manager and crew
Reservation contact person:
Samantha Moses, Administrative Assistant
Phone: (518) 734-4300 ext. 1500
Email: smoses@windhammountain.com

HoliMont Ski Club – July 31, 2018
Basic fixed grip electrical, with Tony Kowalski and crew
Reservation contact person:
Tony Kowalski, Lift Manager
Phone: (716) 669-4907
Email: tony@holimont.com

To attend, RSVP to the ski area reservation contact person with the names of your attendees that plan to participate.

For more information, contact Ski Areas of New York at 315-696-6550 or go HERE.