SAM Magazine—Natick, Mass., March 29, 2019—Is there a 20-something rising star at your ski area who is poised to make an impact and climb through the ranks? If so, we encourage you to submit a nomination for him or her to be profiled as one of the “10 Under 30” in the July issue of SAM magazine. Nominations are due by April 19.10Under30CoversHN

This annual feature highlights 10 resort staffers who have yet to turn 30 years old, but are already showing they have what it takes to become a leader in the mountain resort industry.

We need your help in identifying the talented and hard-working men and women who have the passion and fire that will ensure the success of mountain resorts across North America for years to come.

Please take a few minutes to submit nominations for your rising stars.

Need inspiration? Check out the 10 Under 30 class of 2018. Then let us know who's worthy