IAAPA Attractions Expo 2012

Grab at look at SAM's photos from the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2012, where new products were on display and where future trends are emerging. Many of these trends and products play to the inherent strengths of mountain resorts: nature, active rather than passive customers, and the family experience. They will also require new ways of understanding customer service. One thing is for sure, though -- it pays to know what the competition is up to and how we can fit into the year-round recreation scene. Check out the photo gallery and be sure to read the upcoming January issue of SAM where we will dive a little deeper into the products and trends that make sense for the mountain resort industry.



Climbing wall supplier

Hi Cate, The manufacturer is Clip n' Climb. Contact Jason Stollenwerk at 541-388-5473 / jstollenewerk@epusa.com. Please tell him we referred you!

Manufacturer of Climbing Wall with Interchangeable Panels?

Do you know the manufacturer of the Climbing Wall with Interchangeable panels as shown in the slideshow? It's the one with the PVC water pipes or the green tree-like structure panel. If you could let me know that would be great! Thanks. Cate