Push to The Latest: No

Gregg Blanchard -- December 19, 2014

Whilst perusing the eye candy of early season snowfall and snowmaking recently, I came across a rather clever little distribution method for resort video.

After clicking the webcam link on Killington's website, I saw this:

Which is this video if haven't seen it.

After clicking the “skip this ad” link, I saw the webcam I was expecting.

Interested by what I had found, I searched around a bit and found yet another example at Park City. Initial view

And the normal webcam…

The pre-roll videos are clickable and take you (in a new tab) to a landing page for things like lodging.

I Dig

I honestly really like this.

Had I seen this 4-5 years ago, I might feel differently. But pre-roll is commonplace on a lot of videos on a lot of sites. Yeah, it technically “gets in the way” of what the clicker came to see (for five seconds at least), but it's an experience skiers are used to and likely don't fret too much over.

Content can be hard to distribute. Web cams already have a nice little flow of traffic to them. Piggybacking one on the other seems like a clever tweak with potentially good results.

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