Push to The Latest: No

Gregg Blanchard—April 24, 2015

I've done this a few times now, but with a gap of two years since the last round I figured another “100 Resort Websites” would be a good way to lead into (re)design season.

This time, however, I did things a tiny bit differently.

Instead of a random list, I did the same list as last time. Instead of music and intros, it's pretty plain so you cane easily start it in tandem with previous versions and quickly see who has redesigned and what they've changed.

NOTE 1: Somehow Bear Mountain AND Big Bear Resorts ended up in the first one, so I included it in the second as well.

NOTE 2: If you click play on the first one and immediately (about 1 second later) click play on the second, they should play right about in unison.

Old 2013 Version

New 2015 Version

What's interesting to me is how many of the new designs I would actually consider steps down in quality. Even more, it's crazy how few resorts have NOT redesigned their sites in the last two years.

Intriguing stuff, but I'll stop there so you can have an extra minute for the video(s).

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