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The Marker Kingpin aims to redefine the performance standard in PinTech AT binding technology. The heel design has wider contact points, and the boot heel is gripped at the outside, like a traditional alpine binding, rather than via two pins in the middle. The design is completely new to the category and is said to offer the most power transmission of any PinTech binding. Marker says the two-piece toe is beefier than market competitors, with six springs instead of four, increasing the energy absorption for the most aggressive skier. The binding is comptiable with all touring ski boots with PinTech inserts. The Kingpin will appeal to backcountry enthusiasts and mountain operations teams that work in backcountry areas, but need as much power and confidence on the descent as possible.


RAMP Sports crafts each ski and snowboard utilizing a full bamboo core along with a modern vacuum-molding process to ensure the strength and durability of its park, all-mountain, womens and kids skis. What's really unique, though, are the company's exclusive license agreements with the NFL and MLB., which make it possible for sports fans to get their favorite team's graphics on their skis. The graphics for all 32 NFL teams and all 30 MLB teams are available. All RAMP skis are handmade in the U.S.


Grom Co. owner Jim Smith, a former coach and professional snowboarder, was looking for board options for his 2-year-old son, and eventually decided to build his own. The company focuses on producing boards for young kids with progressive, handmade shapes. The entire line features twin shapes, high bases to reduce the chances of catching edges, float camber and lightweight flex. The boards are designed, tested and built in Summit County, Colorado, with aspen and lodgepole pine, other U.S.-sourced materials, and environmentally-friendly expoy. Lengths range from 90cm to 110cm.


Developed in association with the Terrain Based Learning program, the Rossignol Terrain is aimed to make learning to ski easier, more encouraging, and more fun. A specifically designed Auto Turn Rocker profile based on Rossignol's Experience all-mountain series has been integrated into the new junior ski construction. Moderate tip and tail rocker is featured throughout the entire size range, allowing even the smallest skiers to easily pivot, steer, and stop, whiile traditional camber underfoot lends grip. Progressive junior flexes and sidecuts offer a size-specific blend of user-friendliness and performance.