Alyeska's Tram Down for Repair

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SAM Magazine--Girdwood, Alaska, January 10, 2013--On New Year's Eve, a powerful wind gust hit Alyeska's tram just as it was passing a tower, causing a collision. Thankfully, there were no major injuries. As a result, however, extensive repairs are required making the tram inoperable for several weeks.

On top of the collision, unstable snowpack beneath the line made standard lift evacuation (lowering passengers to the ground) a problem. So, Alyeska sent up a rescue car and lowered passengers to the base, then had them climb the tower and into the waiting rescue car. "The hours it took for the evac to be completed was certainly not due to anything but mitigating additional risk to passengers and staff," marketing director Jessica Pezak told SAM.

Repairs will be made in varying degrees as parts are rebuilt and shipped. Representatives from Doppelmayr and CWA are on site to oversee the process.

"Our guests have been really understanding and grateful to our staff, specifically ski patrol and lift maintenance. We want the tram running as much as our guests do and we're looking forward to its return," says Pezak.