Hyland to Get $14 Million Upgrade

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SAM Magazine—Bloomington, Minn., Dec. 18, 2013—The Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area is set to upgrade its base lodge and parking areas and thus improve its services to the increasing throngs that visit the hill. The Bloomington City Council approved the $14.2 million expansion of the ski area earlier this week, according to local business publication Finance & Commerce.

“This is a gem of our community,” said Mayor Gene Winstead as the council unanimously voted in favor of the project.

The original chalet was built in 1974, when visits totaled less than 100,000 a season. Hyland now serves about 160,000 people annually, mostly kids age 17 and under who take lessons. Of the 1,800 or so visitors on a typical day, about 450 use the base lodge, according to a study. On peak days the number of visitors goes much higher. During the off-season, the building is frequently rented for wedding receptions and other events.

The expansion will double the size of the lodge to 36,000 square feet. The design enlarges the kitchen and dining areas as well as the lounge that overlooks the slopes. It upgrades the ticket booth and ski rental area, and improves circulation patterns. The plan also relocates the ski patrol headquarters to provide patrol staff better access to the lifts.

The expanded lodge occupies space formerly used for public parking, and that reduces the number of parking spaces close to the lodge. To compensate, the area will create a drop-off area for guests, expand the hill’s lower lots (for a net gain of 80 spaces), and add a shuttle bus to the fleet that serves the lots.

The Three Rivers Park District, which operates Hyland, will put the project out for bids in early 2014. Construction is expected to be completed in time for the 2014-15 season.


misuse of public funds

Another total misuse of public money. Use all the advantages of government to drive private enterprise out of business.