Seven Springs to Acquire Hidden Valley

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SAM Magazine—Seven Springs, Pa., Sept. 3, 2013—Seven Springs Mountain Resort has reached an agreement to buy its neighbor, Hidden Valley, from The Buncher Company. Located 13 driving miles from Seven Springs, Hidden Valley consists of approximately 1,200 acres encompassing 29 ski slopes and trails, as well as an 18-hole golf course.

“We have great respect for The Buncher Company. They have been good stewards of the resort since 2007,” said Bob Nutting, chairman of Seven Springs. "As we have demonstrated with all of our other operations in the region, we are committed to the long-term success of Hidden Valley as a family destination.”

“We always have looked upon Hidden Valley as a unique investment,” said Buncher president Tom Balestrieri. “We believe we have taken an underutilized and underperforming asset and have restored Hidden Valley’s reputation as one of the premier family resorts in the mid-Atlantic region through strategic improvements, such as the investment in the largest fully automated TechnoAlpin snowmaking installation of its type in the U.S.”

“Both resorts are strong and important establishments with long histories and bright futures. We will work to ensure that both Hidden Valley and Seven Springs grow and thrive as family destinations,” added Nutting. “We want to ensure that more and more guests have the opportunity to develop the passion for the outdoors in the Laurel Highlands.”


Now Valley will be just as

Now Valley will be just as commercial as 7Springs. Can't say I'm happy about this. There's a reason people go to Valley instead of 7Springs.