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Skadii platform

The digital resort management platform Skadii gives you full and centralized control over your ski resort. Manage your infrastructure and all your important data from one place, with just one account, making it possible to take all the right decisions. 

Skadii is designed as an open, manufacturer-independent platform into which you can easily integrate different software applications and hardware. Skadii’s modular structure offers you flexibility and room for individual customization creating the perfect platform tailored to your information needs when using various applications. 

As the central digital communication tool, Skadii helps you and your team to interact and to document all the important information relating to the ski resort, making processes smooth and efficient. You and your team have access to a synchronized database at all times which displays changes in real time. Skadii facilitates sharing of knowledge and information and provides you with a clear overview of the current situation in your ski resort. It enables you to take smart decisions resulting in benefits such as efficient and economical use of resources like fossil fuels, water and electricity for increased environmental protection. 

Skadii – for more clarity, efficiency and success!


Skadii features

Skadii offers numerous applications and countless integration possibilities:

1 Skadii Infrastructure ManagementInfrastructure Management: Control or monitor your ropeways, fleet and snowmaking equipment centrally and intuitively

2 Skadii Maintenance OverviewSkadii Maintenance Overview: Be informed of forthcoming and completed maintenance work and record time spent on each procedure

3 Skadii Task ManagerSkadii Task Manager: Make things clearer and increase the productivity of your team by allocating tasks and planning resources digitally.

4 Skadii Log BookSkadii Log Book: Produce the legally required documentation for ropeway operation in the easiest way possible.

5 Skadii Global MapSkadii Global Map: Get an easy overview of the status of all of the infrastructure you have connected to Skadii.

6 Skadii Meteo AppSkadii Meteo App: Know the optimum snowmaking windows for your snowmakers.

7 Skadii Ski FlowSkadii Ski Flow: Have a full overview of the utilization of your slopes and optimize the use of your infrastructure.

8 Skadii Park FlowSkadii Park Flow: Keep a full overview of parking space utilization, react in a timely manner and optimize your parking management.

4 Skadii Log BookSkadii Data Interface (API): Integrate data from different software and hardware suppliers.

10 CoPilot Document ManagementCoPilot: Provide your team with the latest technical documentation for your systems digitally.

11 UPilot Digital Training ToolUPilot: Give your team the tools they need to operate your ropeway safely and effectively.

12 Your ChoiceYour Choice:Integrate any of your favorite applications.


300 customers worldwide… and counting!

Skadii sets the benchmark in digital resort management. Over 300 resorts worldwide already use Skadii, and with good reason: Skadii was developed in close collaboration with leading industry partners in the ropeway, snow groomer and snowmaking sectors and the evolution of Skadii is ongoing. We use the valuable feedback and expertise we receive from our customers to continually adapt and advance the platform to your needs.


Skadii Video

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