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SPOTLIO is a leading provider of white label digital solutions designed specifically for mountain destinations and resorts.  As part of our 360º digital platform our solutions elevate destinations and resorts above the competition to provide increased sales and build brand reputation, while providing an enhanced guest experience.


Commerce -  A premium omnichannel ecommerce booking layer that integrates seamlessly with Inntopia and other providers to enable higher conversion rates and sales thanks to the superior user experience, lower bounce rates from faster search results, and extensive customization options that build brand identity and customer loyalty.

Websites - Our website platform is tailored specifically for ski resorts and mountain destinations, with a focus on boosting sales conversion and optimizing for mobile devices. Our approach to website design prioritizes performance, resulting in a seamless user experience, low bounce rates, and high conversion rates. Our white label, highly customizable websites can be seamlessly integrated with any resort's brand and aesthetic. Our headless CMS ensures maximum security, performance, scalability and ease-of-use for your content management needs. The administrative site management portal gives you complete control over your site's content, while our team handles ongoing platform maintenance and growth opportunities to ensure your website remains at the forefront of technology and user experience.

Mobile Apps - A destination app is a direct communication and sales channel for destinations and all their participating businesses and suppliers that can be implemented quickly, with endless customization opportunity, and administrative access to easily update and manage.  Our mobile apps build brand identity, strengthen online reputation, turn users into loyal brand ambassadors, provide qualified contacts, offer powerful data analytics, and enrich the customer experience.  Features include integration of widgets such as direct booking ecommerce, weather, lift and trail status, maps, GPS tracking, leaderboards, geolocated push notifications, and much more.

Digital Maps -  A complete map platform that generates beautifully designed maps ranging from ski trails, cross country trails and even bike trails.  Our Interactive 2D and 3D map platform is highly customizable according to the size, quality and level of detail you prefer.  Features include full navigation and orientation throughout your destination for guests, increased user engagement and customer experience, in-app direct booking, live conditions updates, administrative access and management to make updates, responsive web page & in-app versions and summer and winter options.

Info Hub - A flexible, easy-to-use data hub, offering manual data inputs as well as internal and external live data connections. Once the data has been entered, it can be customized by authorized resort personnel and used to automatically update all communication channels such as web pages, apps, resort signage, and more, keeping all of your audiences up to date.

All SPOTLIO solutions are 100% customizable and deliver fast and frictionless experiences on web and mobile through destination apps, interactive digital maps and websites.

SPOTLIO's client portfolio includes 170 ski resorts and mountain destinations worldwide.




Website: https://www.spotlio.com/

Contact: Ram Mikulas
Sales Manager North America & Pacific