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flaik is Ski School
Many things have changed in the 10+ years we’ve been in business. What drives us remains the same. It’s about making ski school management simpler, smarter and better so you can focus on what really matters - delivering great lessons that keep folks coming back for life. 

What does simpler, smarter and better look like? 

Simpler is a one-stop-shop solution for ski school management. It’s not fighting half a dozen piecemeal solutions to talk to each other. Whether its keeping track of kids on the snow, scheduling and managing your instructors, facilitating guest feedback and marketing, or fine tuning your products and class ratios... we’ve got you covered. 

Smarter is quickly seeing and understanding what matters on the hill and in the business. It’s “mountain visibility” - zooming out for the big picture of how traffic is flowing on the mountain, and zooming in on the person or business question you need answering. Clarity is real-time GPS tracking of your people on the hill and holistic data dashboards and tools for the business. 

Better is being able to achieve what you need effortlessly. Better is intuitive solutions, focused on the right problems. It’s us working closely with our customers to identify real needs, prototype early ideas in the field and quickly evolve solutions that work in the real world. It’s us evolving with you, not getting stuck in old ways when they no longer work. 

We look forward to making a difference at your school. 



flaik is Sustainability
We pride ourselves on adapting to the needs of our ski school partners by creating simpler, smarter, and better solutions. And given the threat of climate change to the ski industry’s existence, it’s time we utilize the tools we’ve built and the smarts we’ve acquired to help to combat climate change.

We understand that the path towards positive change and carbon reduction can be complicated. That’s why flaik is here to drive efficiency so resorts can focus on what’s important: taking action. Through our automated Scope 3 measuring tools, resorts can account for emissions as they occur, leading to faster climate action. With smarter data, we can drive better behaviors - and help make a difference in limiting the effects of climate change on the ski industry and the world.


Steve Kenny, CEO, steve.kenny@flaik.com
Jordan Buchsbaum, Head of Sustainability & Impact, jordan@flaik.com