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Hermanism: SWAG method: “Scientific Wild Ass Guess”
Don't call Blue Mountain snowmakers a crew; call them a troop. The team of 20 swoop in on their sleds, assemble across the Mountain and make that four letter 's' word happen...SNOW. (What were you thinking?!) They’re extremely loyal, undeniably dedicated, and without a doubt some of the hardest workers on the mountain. They take pride in what they do and are the first ones to clock in and the last ones to clock out. They do the job and do it well no matter what the weather off Georgian Bay or Mother Nature throws at them. Thanks to snowmakers, Blue Mountain has been at the forefront of snowmaking technology with automation, energy efficiency and raw power creating one of the largest snowmaking systems in North America. While they’re true professionals, they find fun in the frosty days and frigid nights. The snowmakers at Blue are the backbone of the Mountain and without them, there’d be nothing to slide on.