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Okemo’s snowmaking team consists of 22 members with 118 years of experience collectively. The Hermanism Okemo identified with as a theme for its video was “What good happened to you today?” Doing good is one of Okemo’s core values – so it was an obvious choice. There’s an old saying, “what goes around comes around,” and when you do good, good happens to you. When you’re part of a hard-working snowmaking team, the good that happens to you can be as simple as a bright, sunny day with ideal temperatures. It’s when the snow that collects on your sleeve is just perfect. It’s the walk back to Base Pump at the end of your shift and the camaraderie of your team when you think you’re too tired to laugh – but you do anyway. It’s knowing that you can count on every single member of your team, and that together you can achieve anything It’s knowing that what you do, and the snow that you helped make, may create an experience of a lifetime for a guest.



Okemo’s Snowmaking Manager Ray Kennedy has been with Okemo since 1994. When asked what advice he would give to someone thinking of becoming a snowmaker, he replied, “Be willing to work hard and have your coworkers’ back. If you do that, you will have a friend for life.”