Push to The Latest: No

Greg Murtha :: Sugar Bowl, Calif.

On his way to his current position, where he has produced three consecutive years of record growth in attendance and revenues, Greg has practiced his ebullient marketing style at Squaw Valley and Kirkwood in California, as well as Angel Fire, N.M.

Grass doesn't grow under Greg's marketing feet. He scored big press by trucking in tons of snow to San Francisco and Sacramento. He has developed sponsorship involvement by such companies as Sprint, Tommy Hilfiger, Macys and DKNY. And he led the way in bringing youth-oriented music to the ski scene in New Mexico.

Matt Mosteller :: Resorts of the Canadian Rockies

“One of the finest horses in anyone's stable” is how Matt's boss describes him, and that's pretty high praise from a man whose stable includes eight prominent Canadian resorts.

The stats bear him out: a comprehensive real estate development plan resulting in a 400 percent sales increase in less than two years and at Fernie Alpine Resort, a 100 percent increase in skier visits in three years.

“His enthusiasm and energy,” says another nominator, “have propelled local areas into high-growth, up-and-coming destination resorts.” His passion for the outdoors is contagious.

Karyn Thorr :: Crystal Mountain, Mich & King Big Kahuna

She is described by her boss as, “A woman with many hats.” And indeed she is. Karyn directs Crystal's ski school, ticket sales and rentals, involving a staff of 100. As if this weren't enough, she oversees the conference center and its 25-person staff. She engenders initiative and leadership; her enthusiasm is contagious, her hallmark: solutions that work.

Karyn is active in programs that bring skiers, especially women, to the sport. As Midwest liaison for SSAW, she implements a number of their programs. Locally, she chairs the County Parks and Rec. Commission.

Joe Stevens :: Snowshoe, W.V

In any one discipline there is always someone who sets the standard and, as described by media peers, Joe Stevens is consistently one of the best resort public relations directors in the nation. He knows when to call media, when to back off. He reads the work of those he pitches before making his own pitch. His copy is accurate, up- front and always quotable. As described by one of his nominators, a national media figure, “Joe is more effective at communicating the news about his resort than anyone with whom I work. He is simply the best.” He will be a major leader.