Push to The Latest: No

Gregg Blanchard -- January 30, 2015

Today I'll keep it short and sweet. The images below will do most of the talking.

Simply put, I love the “Pricing Calculator” you find on Jackson Hole's website. It's clean, simple, responsive, intuitive, and looks great.

Pretty dreamy.

Ugh, Again?

But it's what happens after you click “buy now” – that “next step” – where I start to let my imagination run wild.

Going from a beautifully designed site to this same, decade-old interface is all too common in skiing.

Whether is lift tickets, lodging searches, or retail stores, resorts simply don't have the options – the control – they need to not just optimize that first step, but EVERY step of the process.

The Dream

My dream is that one day Jackson Hole will, without too much effort, be able to build something like this.

And my first click becomes my only click…not the first of 12.

Where, instead of having no option but to start me at the top of yet another funnel with I click “buy now”, they can handle everything within the walls of their design, their flow, their nav, and their desires.

My Plea

So my message to the skier-facing vendors in the ski industry is simply this: it's time to step it up.

It's time to offer resorts the tools they need to create user experiences that are as good, or better, as the alternatives they often find themselves competing with.

  • No more stock storefronts.
  • No more developer-designed defaults.
  • No more walled gardens where even qualified traffic has to start at the beginning.

RTP (or what's left of them) ain't gonna do it, but as they step out of the spotlight, I'm hopeful that someone committed to solving this problem takes the stage.

Will it happen? I dunno. But a guy can dream, can't he?

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