July 2016


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From making snow at Eldora to running a ski school in China, this group of 20-somethings is a highly accomplished lot.

Wisdom tends to accumulate over the years, as Mammoth chairman Rusty Gregory and former CSIA executive director Bob Roberts prove.

Matching Capital to Capacity

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Blue Mountain, Pa., clearly had room to grow in its market. But just how much growth could it handle financially?

Other-season opportunities have their own unique demands and challenges. Here’s a look at 10 ideas, cherry-picked from SAM’s sister publication.

Events are often the cornerstone of summer business, but Snowbird’s nine-weekend-long Oktoberfest takes the concept to a higher level.

Construction Site

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A look at projects ranging from major expansions and overhauls to base-area updates and replacements.

Clever summer uses for covered conveyor lifts and a skating rink.

Publisher's Memo

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Changing of the Guard

Sam on the Road

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CUTTER'S CAMP Timberline, Mt. Hood, OR, May 9-13... NSAA NATIONAL CONVENTION Nashville, TN, May 18-21... LMS Hancock, MA, April 19-21... EASTERN CANADA SKI AREAS CONFERENCE, Bromont, QC, May 31-June 2... RMLA Grand Junction, CO, May 2-5... SKI NH Meredith, NH, June 6-7

In reply to your article, “Why Don’t More People Like Us?” (SAM March 2016), I think an important reason that you forgot to mention is the simple fact that most people universally hate winter!

Industry Reports

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Peak Resort's EB-5 Project Approved, Powdr Buys Eldora, and more

Trailblazers :: James Niehus

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Trail map painter for resorts across North America.

Winter Fat

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Resorts adapt to the rist of the fat bike.

Multi-Use Trails Mean Business

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A quality multi-use path and trail network could be the most undervalued amenity at your resort.

Eco Tip

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Wood boiler heating system.

In this month’s Mountain Spy, we tackle a seemingly easy question, but the responses vary—as usual.

Formal training for lift mechanics is becoming an urgent topic due to increased public concern over recent lift failures.

Blue Pages

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Perspective and views.