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PodSAM is the podcast channel of SAM Magazine. This channel began as an off-season project in partnership with Alex Kaufman, the Wintry Mix Podcast guy, and launched with a six-episode run of the Summit Series Leadership Development program. The third year of the Summit Series is just kicking off, catch up by listening to past years in the archives of PodSAM!

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What's to come?

  • More Summit Series
  • In-Depth Industry Interviews
  • Listener Feedback
  • Live Chats at Industry Events
  • Content and Characters You'll Only Get from SAM
  • and more...

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Have an idea of something you want to hear on PodSAM? Email Sarah at sarah@saminfo.com and let her know!

The launch of PodSAM is in partnership with Alex Kaufman of the Wintry Mix Podcast. Theme music is by Breakmaster Cynlinder. Share this with a colleague, subscribe where you get pods, and thanks for tuning in.