July 2012

  • 10 Under 30
    SAM takes its annual look at the new talent in our industry. This next generation of leaders is full of drive, enthusiasm and creativity.

  • Dog Days Aren't Over
    Toting your dog everywhere is no longer just a celebrity thing. More guests are asking for, and getting, some canine consideration on their ski vacations.

  • Scary Good Prospects
    Many ski areas are finding that October can be a profitable month thanks to elaborate and frightening haunt attractions for the Halloween season.

  • Night Moves
    When the sun goes down, turn those lights on to entertain guests.

  • Construction Site
    Year-round attractions take center stage in construction.

  • Idea Files
    Zipline stops, a protected equipment carrier and toboggan lights are the latest and greatest ideas from resorts.

  • On the Road
    NSAA National Show May 2012... Cutters Camp West May 2012... LMS April 2012... RMLA April-May 2012... CSCUSA June 2012... SKI NH June 2012

  • Speak Out :: Make Snowboarding Healthy Again
    Editor Rick Kahl on the state of snowboarding.

  • Industry Reports
    Jay Peak Acquires Burke... and other industry news.

  • Perp Patrol
    When the cameras roll, thefts go down.

  • Up in The Air
    Resorts seek to improve lift safety by keeping kids securely in their seats.

  • Snowmaking as Manufacturing
    If your state does not offer tax benefits for snowmaking, perhaps your lawmakers (and tax authorities) need a little education.

  • Mountain Spy
    In this Mountain Spy, Liz Eren disguises herself as a worried Mom and asks a very open-ended question. The answers are varied, but some really nailed it.

  • Blue Pages
    Perspective and Views