May 2012

  • The Wake-Up Call
    The 2011/12 season may go down in history as one of the worst for ski resorts. But there were some lessons to be learned that can help in the future.

  • The Big Squeeze
    Part II of our series reporting on the latest in snowmaking technology.

  • A Sidecountry State of Mind
    Getting off the beaten slope is all the rage at mountain resorts. But allowing guests to get back to nature has its risks.

  • New Products for Summer
    Check out some of the great new products for summer, as well as year-round, operations.

  • Best/Worst Marketing 2011-2012
    In the fast-paced world of marketing in the digital age, are resorts keeping up? Here is SAM’s annual look at the best and the worst efforts in our industry.

  • Construction Site
    The last round of this past season’s construction before looking ahead.

  • Idea Files
    Ticket window covers, QR code T-shirts and bar space are the latest and greatest ideas from resorts.

  • On The Road
    Alpitec China, February 2012... Scenes From The Industry... Cutter's Camp East, April 2012...

  • Speak Out :: How To Use Market Research
    A discussion on using market research.

  • Industry Reports
    Vail Acquires Kirkwood... and other industry news.

  • Protection for All Seasons
    Summer ops can add to your revenue stream, but they are not care-free.

  • A Tough Sell
    As the 2011-12 season wound down in March, many areas had to figure out how to promote next season's passes.

  • An Attractive Solution
    Magnetic technology has the potential to give detachable lifts greater flexibility, easier maintenance, and longer life.

  • It's A Small World, After All
    From Orthodox Jews to second-generation Koreans, resorts have found ways to make all groups feel welcome.

  • Mountain Spy
    In this Mountain Spy segment, Liz Eren tackles our less-than-stellar season with a well-placed call during spring season pass promotions. And even when Liz (as a customer) didn’t get the answer she wanted, good customer service can save the day.

  • Blue Pages
    Perspective and views.