Lift Supervisor,
Steamboat Ski & Resort CORP.
Steamboat Springs, Colo.

Age: 28
Education: Bachelor of Science,
Health & Sports Studies,
Miami University in Oxford, Ohio
First job in industry: Lift operator, Steamboat
Super power: I think I would like to be able to teleport. Just snap my fingers and I could be anywhere in the world!



Maggie Griffin is a rising star within the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation. Her dedication, knowledge and maturity have led her into a leadership position not only within lift operations, but within the overall resort, moving from lift operator to lead to supervisor in just two seasons. She’s been instrumental in helping the lift department achieve high guest service scores and applies those same ideals and efforts to the overall company. In her daily duties, she meets all challenges aggressively, has an incredible eagerness to learn, and shares her experiences with the team she manages. Getting things done is one thing, but Maggie does it with a million-dollar smile and a positive attitude and team approach no matter what the challenge her team may face, and all with the goal of exceeding the guests’ expectations.

—Deb Werner, director of lift operations, and Michael Lane, PR Director


Tell us about your career path in lift operations: how did you become interested in it and why did you decide to pursue it as a career?
When I moved to Steamboat Springs, my original plan was to stay for just one winter. I was interested in a job as a lift operator because it would allow me to meet people and get to know the mountain. I really enjoyed the job and the people I worked with, and when I got the opportunity to become a lead, and then a supervisor, it was impossible to pass up.

What are some of your greatest challenges in your work, and how do you meet them?
Working with people is one of my favorite parts of the job, but it can also be a great challenge. Through the hiring and training process at the beginning of the season, to keeping up morale of the crew throughout the season, situations arise which require attention and a thoughtful approach. Ultimately it’s very rewarding to help guide the crew through the season, knowing we have a direct impact on the guest experience.

Your bosses are impressed with your efforts to improve the guest experience through lift operations. Can you tell us a little bit about how you have seized this opportunity to make a difference?
I’ve been privileged to be a part of the Service Excellence Advisors at Steamboat, a task force focused on guest service and internal service to employees. I believe that in order to deliver exceptional guest service, we have to treat every employee with respect and create an environment where excellent service is both deliberate and genuine.

[As an example] we start talking about guest service before we even hire a lift operator or ticket checker. During the interview process, we state that it’s our expectation that every person on our staff greets every guest, every time…We continue to talk about guest service during training and throughout the season, then provide rewards and feedback to our crew as well. I believe great guest service actually stems from how employees treat each other and how management treats them.

Do you have any advice for future 10’ers in lift operations?
Get involved. Find ways to take an active role in your company and in your community that allows you to learn and grow. Get to know people, ask questions and have fun!