Brand & Content Marketing Supervisor,
Whistler Blackcomb, B.C.

Age: 26
Education: Business Administration Marketing, Fanshawe College, Ontario
First job in industry: Internship (rental; marketing dept.), Whistler Blackcomb, 2006-07
Super power: My super power would be to have the power over peoples’ minds.



Mike has an amazing ability to think strategically, yet cut through the day-to-day clutter and get the job done. Mike treats everyone with respect and appreciation. While this sounds simple, this skill has helped him build a strong network throughout the organization, from ops to finance and to his coworkers on the marketing team. I see Mike as a future leader in the industry who stands out from the crowd by leading through example and earning the respect of those around him.

—Meredith Kemp, brand marketing manager (former), Whistler Blackcomb


What drives you to succeed in your work?
The fact that Whistler Blackcomb offers one of the best skiing, mountain biking and outdoor experiences in the world keeps me motivated to succeed. We also have an incredible team that’s highly engaged with our business; this environment drives success throughout our entire department and company. As well, the close relationship with our industry’s top athletes, photographers and videographers makes our work extremely fun and drives a need to always want to be the best.

What skills do you think have most contributed to your success in brand and content marketing?
When I first started, the marketing was very traditional. We did a lot of print and outdoor advertising. Since then, everything has completely changed and our marketing plans have realigned primarily to digital, with a focus on content development and distribution. Videos are now the pillars of our campaigns, and we use media and other content forms to grow awareness of the videos.
In terms of skills, being highly engaged with our industry and having the ability to create and execute a vision have been key to where I’ve gotten to in my role. Technical skills about the various types of media and how they work is key as well. This allows you to make strategic decisions when developing creative and planning a campaign.

What is the biggest win in your career so far?
I’m proud of and have been fortunate to be involved with new and innovative work at Whistler Blackcomb. Our viral video “Shit Skiers Say” and the various video series we’ve done, like “Elements of Perfection,” “Embedded,” “Wonder Reels” and “Force of Nature” are the projects I’m most proud of.

Do you have any advice for future 10 Under 30 hopefuls?
Work hard and get involved with everything you can. Treat everyone with equal respect, and help others along the way. If you’re truly passionate about the type of work you do, go the extra mile and don’t stop at 5 p.m.