Alpine Mountain Offers Reward After Copper Thefts

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SAM Magazine—Price Township, Pa., July 11, 2014—Alpine Mountain is offering a $10,000 reward after thieves hit the ski resort repeatedly over the past two weeks, taking nearly a mile’s worth of heavy-gauge copper wire. The thefts have slowed, but not deterred, new owners’ efforts to renovate the area ahead of the 2014-15 season.

Kevin Fabiano Sr., who with his son Kevin Jr. bought the area this past spring, said that thieves cut into the wiring system at condenser boxes, lift shacks, and the maintenance building and ripped out the wire, most of which ran through underground conduit. The bandits commandeered an onsite backhoe and acetylene torch to cut into the system. The thefts, five or six over a two-week period, often occurred in out-of-the-way areas of the resort.

To discourage further heists, the area has installed video surveillance and hired a night-time security crew. It is also planning to replace the copper wire with less-lucrative aluminum. And there’s that reward, too.

Fabiano believes the thieves will be caught. They appeared to know exactly where the key access points were, and used a triaxle dump truck to haul off the wire. These clues, he said, narrow the list of suspects considerably, and the state police are proceeding with an investigation.

As for the resort’s future, the Fabianos are discouraged but not dissuaded from their renovation project. “We’re putting all this money in, so this setback is disheartening,” Fabiano said. “But the renovation of the lodge is coming along well, and it will provide a nice experience next year.” He said that all renovations remain on track for the coming winter.


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Kevin so sorry for what happened to the copper wire is it out of control in the US now I get many calls for prices from resorts for snow guns that are stolen for scrape. I was hit here at my tower shop 40 tower guns that took a week to weld custom 30 footers they used cordless saws all. We have video and the police said no much they can do. At Larchmont I worked with Charles at Alpine have tons of great photos of every thing going in. and a full set of plans. We are offing to black coat all the hydrant bases now to many resorts. I know you have about 200 4 foot at Alpine its a good thing to paint the bronze casting at the base they are after copper and brass. The condenser box may be a large tank buried next to the snowmaking barn on the river side it has a 2 inch ball valve on the base to drain the tank at shut down there was a custom wrench we made for his and was in the pump area I may have photos of it. Thrilled that your working on the bridge and bringing Alpine back to life !!


While this is certainly bad news, especially for the new Owners trying to revive a fallen ski area, I wonder how the thieves were able to "repeatedly" steal the wire. Five or six thefts over a two week period? Why weren't measures take after the first theft? Were there no staff on-site? Is the site abandoned? Is there something else to this story that has not been mentioned? I do hope the thieves will be caught. Unfortunately, this is not something new. I know of cases where snow guns have been stolen off a mountain (presumably to be sold for scrap). BTW, what are "condenser boxes"? Never heard of those.