Alta Nixes Terrain Park

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SAM Magazine-Alta, Utah, Sept. 25, 2006-It is one of the very few areas in the U.S. that don't allow snowboarding, and, it appears, doesn't need a terrain park, either. While most resorts have been pumping investment dollars into their parks, contrarian resort Alta has decided to ax its park altogether.

"We found that our skiers were curious about the park, and had a lot of fun times jibbing," the resort explains on its website, "But we were also astonished by how many more of our skiers preferred to use the natural terrain features on our 2,200 acres as their preferred 'park.'"


To each their own

As a die-hard skier and ex-racer I find the terrian parks a blast to play in. Being a skier only mountain like Alta I would think the demand for their park might not justify the expense of maintaining one. I own a ski/snowboard resort and the mix is about 50/50 skiers to boarders, so we find it a must to invest in. Kudos to Alta for making business decissions based on their market niche.


Yeah, because 2,200 acres isn't enough room to ski. Why do people feel the need to inflict their narrow way of skiing on others? Is it really that annoying that others enjoy doing it a different way?

Alta, I love you for defending true skiing

Great decision!

I am so tired of seeing those ski magazines with people upside down and sliding on rails. Alta is one of the few remaining outposts of true skiing.

It's been two years already since my last visit, and I am planning to go back this winter. It is so nice to spend a day on the mountain without seeing a single snowboard.