Alyeska Tram Reopens

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SAM Magazine—Girwood, AK, Feb. 11, 2013—Alyeska's Tram reopened to the public this past Saturday, which had been closed for over a month after a wind-related accident damaged one of its cabins. The tram will operate with a specially-designed car to serve as ballast on one side while the damaged cabin is repaired.

In the meantime, the tram has been programmed electronically to operate in single‐cabin mode, which mandates a lower speed—a one‐way trip will take just under 8 minutes. There will be approximately four round‐trips per hour. The ballast car, which does not carry passengers, is used solely as a counterweight.

“We’ve decided to operate the tram this way to give access to our season passholders, skiers, riders and resort guests,” explains Di Hiibner, Alyeska Resort VP & GM. “We had the option of closing the tram for the rest of the ski season and simply repairing the cabin, but did not want our passholders to spend the season without it. The tram is an important part of Alyeska, to skiers, riders and many other guests of the resort.”

The tram will operate through April 21, and then will be closed again until the second cabin is reinstalled. The resort's winter season is scheduled to close on April 28, but the tram is expected to be fully operational by the third week in May for spring and summer passengers.