Aspen Day Ticket Price Hits $87

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SAM Magazine-Aspen, Colo., August 8, 2007-The industry took a step closer to the $100 adult day ticke last week when Aspen raised the price for a single day on the slopes during that resort's 2007-2008 season to $87, a $5 increase from last season. While $82 itself seems steep for a day of skiing, Aspen didn't have the most expensive ticket in the nation-or the state-last winter. That honor went to Vail, which charged $85 for an adult full day ticket. While Vail hasn't released single-day prices for the upcoming year, it's expected that it will also increase prices, making a day at nearby Ski Cooper seem like a great deal at just $39.


Managing Director

Unfortunately all of those high speed lifts and snowmaking costs money. In terms of Aspen, I can't stand the mountain. It has one of the worst layouts in the industry. On the other hand, Aspen Highlands and Snowmass are great.

Food and Beverage Director

One step closer to making the ski industry completely out of reach for the average family. Aspen has succeeded in removing itself from a place where all can enjoy the sport, to becoming a true playground for only the rich and famous.

R.I.P. Aspen, I knew you when.