Avalanche Takes Out Lift at Crystal Mountain

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SAM Magazine--Crystal Mountain, Wash., March 11, 2014--Guests checking out Crystal Mountain's website this morning for the Mountain Report found this:

The bottom of the High Campbell chairlift was taken out by a very large avalanche late yesterday afternoon. The area was closed and nobody was hurt. The avalanche was triggered by an explosive set by ski patrol at around 4:45 p.m. We are currently experiencing abnormal avalanche conditions. Bear Pitts, Powder Bowl, High Campbell and Employee Housing have all produced large avalanches, triggered by explosives. These slides produced 6- to 8-foot crowns, slid to the ground and took out many trees. These slopes will most likely remain closed for some time. Other avalanche prone terrain such as Exterminator will be closed until the snow pack stabilizes. Please bear with us as we work to mitigate this hazard. As always, respect the patrol, don't duck ropes, enter through gates only and practice patience.



My husband and I skied at Crystal that day and I will be forever grateful that Crystal Mountain's Ski Patrol had the knowledge, expertise and courage to close this area to skiing that day and to perform avalanche control work after the ski area closed and skiers were cleared off the mountain. We certainly would have been skiing over there if had been open. Certainly a skier could have triggered that avalanche and we will be forever grateful that we were safe that day. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Peoples comments are so dumb!

Peoples comments are so dumb! Crazy!


bob---no doubt the band of Professional Avi techs at Crystal asked for permission from the snow molecules before telling the snow to "go"......please get a little more educated about explosive use in avalanche mitigation measures.


Looks like Boyne will be dropping more dough this year!!!

Holy Crap

Did the Patrol have permission to set off the avalanche? Looks like a bunch of clean up with a new fixed grip being installed next summer!!!!!