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SAM Magazine—Catskill, N.Y., April 18, 2013—The Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) has proposed a five-year, $74 million expansion of the Belleayre ski center that could double the area’s annual visits. The plan, developed largely before ORDA took over control of Belleayre from the Department of Environmental Conservation in November 2012, will be open to public comment through late June.

The expansion is projected to increase Belleayre’s annual revenue by $5.2 million, from $6.1 million to $11.3 million, and produce a profit of $1.2 million, versus an annual loss of $600,000. The plan is also expected to raise an additional $220,000 in sales tax revenue.

The proposal calls for cutting 16 trails, installing three ski lifts, expanding the snowmaking system, and adding three parking areas and a lodge. The plan will upgrade many existing facilities as well. All that is projected to increase visitation from 165,000 to 320,000.



These numbers just dont make sense. if you went to the bank asking for a loan of 74 million to "rescue" a business that looses $600,000 a year and that after all the expansion you will make a $1.2Million profit, the bank will laugh you out the door. It will take 62 years of putting 100% of profits toward payments not counting interest. Plus, their is no guarantee that if they do the expansion that it will double the skier visits. is their that many more people in the area that want to go skiing? New york state should not be in a business that competes with private industry, all they do is loose money. ORDA's annual operational losses are around $17.9 so sick of New York State wasting my hard earned money.

Is there really a market to justify this

Just a thought here - you are going to spend 74 million in tax payer dollers (correct me if I am wrong) to compete with three, long time ski areas that are loyal tax payers and employers? Where are those 2X visits coming from? Is there a waiting list to get a ski pass at the other area resorts? Spend 6-10 million on a nice summer based business that has a much broader consumer (read taxpayer) appeal than skiing or boarding, and you will see that 600K deficit go away and not compete on the winter side with the other private resorts.