Bode Miller Clinches World Cup Title

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SAM Magazine--Lenzerheide, Switzerland, March 12, 2005--Bode Miller clinched the overall World Cup title today with a second-place finish in GS . Miller is the first American to win a World Cup overall title in alpine since Phil Mahre and Tamara McKinney in 1983.

Outdoor Life Network will have coverage of all the action from World Cup Finals Sunday at 3-5 p.m. ET, a special two-hour show including all races and awards presentation. OLN's "Winter Revolution" show Wednesday night at 10 ET (9 MT) will have in-depth Finals cover, too.

Today's race follows the historic tie between Miller and teammate Daron Rahlves in Friday's super G.

"It's done," Miller said of his title quest. "It's over."

With one race left, Miller is 204 points ahead of Austrian Benni Raich, who finished third and clinched the 2005 giant slalom title, which Miller was also chasing, but will have to settle for second. \


Take it easy 3/24/05 - Racing takes place in resorts

You're a freak. Why get so upset about reporting on Bode. This is a great accomplishment and it helps the american ski industry.
Sounds like you might be from north of the border or just anti racing. Bode rocks, he has a great disposition, and is just good for business. If the same characteristics were found in the Euro racers we'd probably reoprt on them as well. The only sad thing about Bode's accomplishment is he's probably done on the WC for good.

Can't Help Being Proud

Well, we are not embarrassed to say that we are proud of Bode. If, as you put it, we are the voice of the U.S. industry, then it is indeed news to have an overall champion. These racers start and train on our hills, many resorts have comprehensive race programs, and we are proud of our products, be they life-long season pass holders or World Cup Title winners. We would also contend that to get a national hero in skiing can be put to great marketing use by U.S. ski areas.

That said, we are not only the voice of the U.S. ski industry, but rather of ski resort operators worldwide, especially Canada, Australia and New Zealand and would report, with equal zeal, their successes.

We hope you will continue to enjoy our comprehensive breaking news and if you have any other comments, please feel free to share them.

The Editors.

Nice for Mr. Miller, but what does it have to do with SAM?

I didn't realize that SAM - the voice of the (US) mountain resort industry was into sports journalism. While I'm happy for Mr. Miller, I don't understand why you use this forum to pass along his win as Mountain Resort Industry News....would you be reporting it if Mr. Miller was not a US skier? I doubt it. Either give fair coverage to skiers (and snowboarders) of all nationalities or leave the coverage to the ski race magazines and sports journalists and focus your attention SKI AREA MANAGEMENT as your name implies

Congratulations from Ireland...I mean Wachusett.

Bode is the locomotive necessary to help increase awareness about ski racing in this Country.JC

Congratulations Bode from Scotland!

Congratulations from Scotland! Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke..