Bousquet Ski Area Owner George Jervas Dies Suddenly

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SAM Magazine--Pittsfield, MA--August 24, 2012--George W. Jervas died suddenly on August 20, at the age of 76, doing what he loved most: working at his ski area. Jervas, the owner of the Berkshire resort for over 30 years, reportedly suffered a cardiac arrthymia. Jervas originally bought the ski area as part of a four-member group, but has been the sole owner for the past 15 years. Under his ownership, Bousquet has grown into a year-round destination, with expanded summer operations complementing its winter business. Sherry Roberts, who was Jervas's companion for the past 19 years, and a long-time Bousquet employee, will take over the reins at the ski area. A Celebration of Life for George will be held Saturday, August 25, starting
at 11 a.m. at the ski area--all are welcome.