Chair Breaks, Rider Skis Away

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SAM Magazine-Aspen, Colo., Apr. 16, 2007-It's the kind of happy ending story that you don't expect when a bad thing happens to a chairlift with customers on board. A chair on Aspen Mountain's Ruthie's Express failed due to metal fatigue on Apr. 15 and broke, spilling one skier to the ground. The modest fall of 10 feet didn't faze the rider, who skied away, leaving two fellow skiers hanging onto the lift. They were subsequently evacuated by the patrol and the lift closed for inspection. \



Excellent Dr Ruthie. You covered a fair bit in 8mins, well done. There are as you said many many ways a man or woman can mtuasrbate, case in point today, I watched a young woman mtuasrbate whilst laying in the bath with the tap running gently over her clitoris. Most of all I want to thank you for being really positive throughout the video. Clyde.


Only if there were LM personel to visit those huts in the woods. Sounds like the LM budget was cut to support administrative boobology, or the Patrol Union forced a cut in other critical safety areas so they could feel good about themselves.


Better make sure LM hasn't been visiting those buildings in the woods

POMA high-speed double

It's a POMA high-speed double with triple carriers.

Picture of Ruthie's.


What brand...

...chair is Ruthie's; Dopplemayr, Poma, CTEC?

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