Chair Falls from Cable at Red Lodge

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SAM Magazine-Red Lodge, Mont., Dec. 29, 2011-A chair on the Willow Creek chairlift detached from the cable and fell to the ground at Red Lodge Mountain Resort yesterday afternoon. Two guests riding the chairlift at the time were injured and taken off the mountain. The chairlift was safely unloaded and shut down. The chairlift will remain closed until the authority with jurisdiction deems it safe for operation.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

All chairlifts at Red Lodge are inspected each fall by a professional engineer specializing in ropeways prior to beginning operation, and receive ongoing safety checks, testing and maintenance. Red Lodge said in a statement that it will continue to take all reasonable measures necessary to operate the resort in a safe and responsible manner.


Riblet Clip

If sufficient outward force or twisting torque is applied to the chair/carrier, the clip / grip is extracted from its internal position. This probably occurs more often that most people realize.


How does a hanger/chair fall from a Ribblet? A Ribblet hanger is installed internal to the cable.

Two accidents, not one

There were two accidents, not one. Chair also off at Montana Snowbowl. See link.

Lift Mfg

The Willow Creek Chairlift is a Riblet Double Made lift from 1968