Colorado Skier Visits Could Break Record

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SAM Magazine - Denver, Co., March 14, 2007 - Colorado Ski Country USA has announced that statewide skier visits are on pace to meet or exceed last winter's record breaking year. Last season, Colorado's resorts set an all-time record for visitation with more than 12.53 million skier
visits, representing more than 21 percent of the nation's 58.9 million skier visits. This year Colorado ski resorts have hosted 8,487,943 skiers and snowboarders to date, an increase of
119,271 visits over the same timeframe last year, defined as October 13, 2006-February 28, 2007.

"We are very pleased with our results thus far," says Rob Perlman, president & CEO of Colorado Ski Country USA. "The Colorado ski industry set a record last year by hosting more than 12.5 million skiers and snowboarders. It's been our goal to maintain that growth in an effort to firmly establish a new benchmark for the industry. It is very exciting to see we are one step closer toward achieving that goal."

In addition to year-end skier visit analysis, the state also uses its five-year skier visit average as another indicator of success and overall growth for the industry. Currently Colorado is more than 720,000 skier visits ahead of its five-year, year-to-date average for this time period. The state has reported a steady three-year growth trend through its second period.

"We have approximately two months left in the ski season. We anticipate momentum to continue to build as we enter the spring skiing and riding season," continued Perlman. "With plenty of sunshine, tons of fun events and great snow conditions, March and April are always two of the best months to enjoy Colorado's high country."

Colorado's ski industry is a significant player in the state, accounting for a major share of Colorado's tourism industry, which is the second largest industry in the state. \


Colorado Skier Visits Vould Break Record

I have a question...I read that international skier visits are up 21% compared to 06/07, What does that mean in real numbers of skier visits? Ted Coleman

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