Copper Opens Ski Team Speed Training Center

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SAM Magazine-Frisco, Colo., Nov. 16, 2011-The U.S. Ski Team Speed Center, a long-term partnership between the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA) and Copper Mountain Resort, officially opened Tuesday.

The early-season facility provides the only full-length downhill training available anywhere in the world during late October and early November. The Team has already been using the site as it prepares for the upcoming World Cup season.

Located in the Super Bee area, the steep, north facing slopes, high elevation and cold temperatures create the perfect environment for speed training. Just as important, the area has installed miles safety netting that are equal to that at World Cup race hills across the globe. The Copper center thus offers world-caliber safety and snow conditions earlier than anywhere else.

"This is a game-changing partnership ... that provides World Cup caliber speed training for all levels-from elite athletes to club programs-in a safe and access-controlled environment," said USSA president and CEO Bill Marolt.

"Copper is proud to support and maintain world class athletic facilities in partnership with USSA that will help boost the Olympic medal chances," said Gary Rodgers, Copper president and GM. "Copper has become the premiere location for early season race training."



I have been on the course for the last couple of weeks grooming and it is truly impressive. The facility is a testament to the financial commitment of both Copper (Powdr Corp) and the USSA. I just wanted to also validate the hard work and commitment of the operations teams associated with the build out and maintenance of the facility. The snowmaking install was incredible to watch, especially after some pre-season snowfall muddied things up and made for very difficult execution. It wasn't long after the guns were fired up that our great team of snowmakers had just the right amount of race quality snow produced. Then day and night crews worked vigilantly with both free and winch cats to spread it all out and create the required density. Typically 4 or 5 cats/operators would work long shifts day and night, sometimes without days off, in order to achieve the desired goal, the grand opening. Kudos also to the mechanics who kept our machines operating and the managers who "knit" together the teams to create the end product. Also, I wanted to thank personally Tom,Kevin and Marshal from the USSA who helped us create their vision on snow.