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SAM Magazine--August 1, 2011--The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a federal judge's ruling in favor of Copper Mountain, Colo., which dismissed a lawsuit brought against the ski area after a 2006 accident. According to the AP, the lawsuit was filed by Dr. Rajeev Kumar and claimed the resort was negligent in not expressly labeling a cornice as dangerous (he was injured skiing off of one). The appeals judges ruled that Colorado's Ski Safety Act prohibits claims based on dangers inherent to skiing, like going off a cornice, and that the cornice did not qualify as a "specified freestyle terrain area," subject to labeling. The judges did note that they didn't rule whether the cornice qualifies as "extreme terrain."


I agree

Let's sue him for having the name Kumar as a first name! We all know Kumar means danger in Hindi.

big air brad

I guess we can assume that he didn't stick his landing?

Counter Suit

Perhaps somebody should file a suit against Dr Kumar for filing a suit with no merit ? If people would take responsibility for their own actions and surrender to the fact that nature and the mountains cannot be controlled, then ski resorts would not have to waste money on expensive lawyers to defend against weasels who are looking to blame others for their mistakes. More money could be going into on mountain improvements and employees pockets if it was not being spent on legal bills ?

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