Court Stops Mt. Spokane From Expanding

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SAM Magazine--Mount Spokane, Wash., September 20, 2013--A proposed lift, which would have accessed 279 more acres at Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park, was halted by a ruling this past Tuesday from the state appeals court. According to The Spokesman-Review, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission made a mistake by not requiring a detailed study of how a new chairlift would impact old-growth forest, meadows and wetlands. The appeal was filed by The Lands Council.

Mt. Spokane has leased 2,300 acres from the Mount Spokane State Park since the early 1950s and uses 1,450 acres. The resort had planned on developing the remaining 850 acres, but downgraded its plans to 279, leaving the rest to the Park. In 2011, the Parks and Recreation commission voted to give the 279 acres a land-use designation compatible with recreational use, but opponenets argued that Mt. Spokane had failed to provide an EIS (environmental impact statement). The courts ruled in the opponents' favor saying that decision-makers should "be apprised of the environmental consequences before the project picks up momentum, not after."



This is SOP in the NW. The environmental community here is unreasonable, and will do whatever it can to kill any ski area expansion, or even improvement, though some has been successful such as the new lift at White Pass. They would have a lot more support if they picked battles that were reasonable, and used a more balanced approach overall. In the meantime, they drive their SUVs to the existing ski areas to access the backcountry.

Welcome to America where we

Welcome to America where we give a shit about shit that literally no one cares about. By eliminating the access to a new chair basically limits the amount of business growth, limits a business to less jobs available, and more so: limits the amount of fun that would be given to the community because some old fucks in a board meeting care about a few trees that no one ever sees or even thinks about. GFYS government


Another example of a few elitists seeking to exclude many from enjoying public land. Do an EIS, and it won't be good enough for them. They will try to destroy it with molested science. They will find some common rodent and claim it is genetically different, therefore and endangered species.