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SAM Magazine—Broomfield, Colo., Sept. 2, 2012—The introduction of Vail Resorts’ (VR) EpicMix Racing gives skiers a chance to see how they stack up against Lindsey Vonn, thanks to a new NASTAR-like addition to VR’s acclaimed EpicMix social media program. The incorporation of EpicMix Racing has led VR to drop the 44-year-old NASTAR program from its areas.

EpicMix Racing will launch at all VR areas except Kirkwood in mid-December, along with the rest of the EpicMix 3G program. The RFID chip in the EpicMix pass will automatically recognize racers at the start and record their times, and then compare them to Lindsey Vonn via a pacesetter system similar to NASTAR. Racers will earn gold, silver and bronze medals based on achievement. Race times, digital medals, and overall and friends-and-family leaderboards will all be available on both the EpicMix website and mobile app.

Vail Resorts has also created the Lindsey Vonn Race Series, in which all skiers and riders will be ranked based on their best 10 races. The top racers from across the six resorts will be invited to a grand finale event in April 2012, hosted by Vonn, on the Birds of Prey World Cup Course at Beaver Creek.

NASTAR founder John Fry called Vail’s decision to leave NASTAR “a disservice to its guests,” according to a report on the Skiing Heritage website. “In the past, Vail guests coming from the East, Midwest or Far West could enhance their NASTAR standings earned at their home ski area. That’ll no longer be possible.”

VR resorts have been big NASTAR players in the past. Vail was one of the first areas to host NASTAR, and it has remained a popular NASTAR site. In the gangbusters 2010-11 season, Vail ranked as the most popular NASTAR resort, tallying 29,310 runs. Beaver Creek was second, with 20,062 runs. Together, VR’s four Colorado areas accounted for more than 13 percent of all NASTAR runs in 2010-11.



EpicMIX racing is simply a joke when compared to nastar. Its a mess. Digital medals? how lame. To the fresh out of college grads who thought this up, pass me some of what you are smokin cause is must be good

Epicmix chip Racing & NASTAR

Why not put the two systems together as they said they were doing last season? Chips work sometimes in a road race and sometimes in Indy Car. Key word is Sometimes? Chips are not Homolagated for FIS & USSA racing for a reason. You might get a time and the time you get might not be yours. Does using the NASTAR math/ format equal stealing? a breach of contract? Bad Faith? Come on Vail? Why are you messing this up.


Chip timing reliable? Great you have a time everyone can see, but who's time is it? Chip timing is not approved for USSA or FIS racing results for a reason. NASTAR math being used to compare yourself with a Pacesetter? I smell patent theft. Breach of contract. etc.....Go get them Bill.


New Chip timing is VERY expensive. Will not be in ANY small area's budgets. Not approved for FIS or USSA event timing. Once you have a time to export everyone can see it, but who's time is it???????? Homolagated timing systems have weathered the test of time. Chip systems have not. Pacesetter L. Vonn. Compare to her. NASTAR math being used to come up with handicap? Medal classes?. Do I smell a trademark infringment? Breach of Contract? Patent case pending? Go get them Bill.

RFID chips

I hated watching NASTAR attendants search for racers on their computers at the start. It was such a waste of time. It is about time Nastar got some competition. Hopefully they will improve their product. I also began to feel that Nastar's main focus was getting as many racers to it's national championships. I never had any interest in going to nationals, I just wanted to race my friends.

Any racing is good racing

If EpicMix rcing can increase the reach of public racing in the US, then it is a win-win.

VR has no respect for the past

I'm willing to bet that Epicmix racing will not be around anywhere near the 44 years that Nastar was on the mountain ?


RFID is a well established marketing/application tool in most European resorts and it is only a time question until US ski resorts will and have to use RFID low. NASTAR has a great concept but did not address its costly timing system to smaller resorts.