Express Chair to Replace Vail's Chair 10

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SAM Magazine -Vail, Colo., Mar. 20, 2007-As local bumpers will no doubt lament, Vail Resorts is replacing yet another vestige of the past, Vail's fixed-grip Chair 10, with a high-speed quad this summer. The new lift will provide a faster way to reach China Bowl and thus increase traffic in what has been a mogul skier's paradise.

The old chair, which serves heavily moguled expert terrain, has been a local's favorite for years. Visiting tourists largely avoid the slow double (the ride to the top is a leisurely 14 minutes), and lift lines are nonexistent in comparison to nearby Chairs 11 and 14.

The new lift will whisk skiers to the top of runs like Highline and Blue Ox in a mere 6.5 minutes. The new express lift is part of a project which will also see Vail's Chair 14 realigned to give skiers easier access to Two Elk Lodge and China Bowl. Construction on the new lift is expected to start this spring.