Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Homewood Expansion

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SAM Magazine--According to published reports, a federal lawsuit was filed late last week against Homewood Mountain Resort, Calif., by The Sierra Club and Friends of the West Shore. The suit was filed against the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) and Placer County for approving, in their words, "an ill-conceived, inadequately studied, and environmentally-disruptive development." The plaintiffs further stated that such a development would lead to air and lake pollution.

JMA Ventures, which owns the resort, announced the approval of its $250 million project in mid-December, by TARPA. For more on the project, check out www.saminfo.com/news/article.php?tid=5410


Very sad!

If JMA is not allowed to re-build Homewood to something close to its current proposal, it will have to scrap the project. There simply won't be enough revenue to make it a successful project. And if they don't do the project, then they will have to close down the ski resort. It loses money every year in its current state, so it wouldn't make sense to continue its operation. So the Sierra Club effort to make sure Homewood is "environmentally acceptable" will backfire and cause it to be shut down - something that will be very sad for the locals. Its very popular to the folks nearby!

It should be allowed

Having worked and skied at almost all of the resorts in the area, the enviromental restrictions are over the top. For example at heavenly ski area they routenly makes 5-6+ feet to cover rocks that can not be blasted, and trees that have been cut but must be left where they have fallen. The ammount of energy consumed by this extra effort to make more snow is way more harmfull to the enviroment than leting the resort improve their runs to only require one or two feet of manmade snow. Another example is having to replace aging snoowmaking pipe that was installed with machinery, but now can only be replaced using a helicopter due to enviromantal restrictions, It over the top and triples the cost of something so simple as taking care of infastructure wich reduces energy expendature in the long run. Would you make the guy replace the water main to your house with a shovel, no you would want it done with a excavator. I think alot of people are very short sighted, and dont understand that the enviromant their protecting wouldnt be enjoyed without the ski areas. All of the ski area in the area are well established and will continue to have a future operating in the area. So why not let them operate efficently, like so many other ski areas on the west coast. They dont make huge profits and this kind of stuff just drives up costs for everyone.

Homewood Mountain Resort

Great news, the project should not take place for a number of reasons. Hope it gets shut-down. There are far more negative impacts to the area if the project becomes approved. Of course Placer County is only looking at the $$$ to the county vs. the long term impacts.