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SAM Magazine—Missoula, Mont., Sept. 10, 2012—The U.S. Forest Service has rejected a proposal by would-be resort developer Tom Maclay to build a destination ski resort on Lolo Peak. This is the second time Maclay has presented a resort proposal, and the second time the Forest Service has rejected it.

As with his earlier plan, the Forest Service determined that his plan didn’t fit the long-range management plan for the National Forest. Maclay wants to transform his family’s 3,000-acre ranch into the base area for a major resort, which would rise about the family property on Forest land. That land includes acreage designated for research and/or semi-primitive recreation. Portions are also designated as roadless areas.

While it’s possible that the long-range plan could be revised in the future to accommodate Maclay’s vision, the next review of the plan for the Bitterroot and Lolo Peak Forests is not scheduled to begin until 2016.